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By Crystal Good

BBG Believes In Movement Journalism.

What is movement journalism?

“Movement journalism is journalism in service to liberation. This does not mean turning journalists into soapboxes for activists, but fostering collaboration between journalists and grassroots movements, and supporting journalism created by oppressed and marginalized people writing something great.” ~ Press On

The next print edition of BBG is full of people writing something great.

From informed opinions to heartful essays on the healing powers of Appalachian Black women to hard-hitting prison data reporting and photography that shows Black life in celebration.

We are incredibly proud print, ” The House Of Campbell,” a piece by Samantha Stephens about her family’s roots in Charleston, West Virginia, and the impact of her great-grandfather Mr. James Cubert Campbell, whose life 100 years ago speaks to the civically engaged life of Black Charlestonian during segregation and how it was intertwined with the press and compassion.

A proclamation honoring Mr. Campbell and Ms. Stephens’s article was given last night by Charleston City Council and Mayor Amy Goodwin. We are grateful to have a small part in bringing this amazing story to their attention.We celebrate movement journalism wins in policy, our community’s well-being, and whenever the power of the pen fosters collaboration and action.

We keep moving toward that liberation like Mr. Campbell and so many before us.

On March 21, 1907, Mr. Campbell told, The Advocate, a Black newspaper serving West Virginia with the tag line:”more news than any other race paper published.”

“The people, those who own the press, have the arms that rock the universe. And it is such cogent arms as these that the colored people in this country, today, need and need badly. In other  words, these people are sadly in need of newspapers to create  public sentiment in their favor and to fight adverse sentiment  which is submerging them beneath a relentless contempt and  merciless caste hatred.”   ~ James Cubert Campbell

We must own the press. And we must get our next issue to the printers(as in right now ?) to rock the universe! Unfortunately, we are just a little short of our production costs. We think we can get there, but we need your donations for distribution gas ⛽️ money. Please let us know if you would like to help us distribute. We are planning our porch drops and need suggestions for locations. We have a form for that!

And. If you would like a copy of BBG mailed, please Venmo us $5@BlackByGod, and don’t forget to put your address in the memo.

See ya in print!



News to Know (and some you wish you didn’t)

The Conversion of Paul 

Rev. Paul Dunn of the historic First Baptist Church in Charleston, WV, who made a video endorsing @Sen_JoeManchin, recanted that endorsement at the @UniteThePoor rally yesterday in DC. The event was live-streamed.

This video was shown at a WVU football game.


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