Black By God – Beware The Ides Of March

Mic Drop ? Opinions And More

Black By God – Beware The Ides Of March

Mic Drop ? Opinions And More

Devil On Sunday MorningBy Doris Fields

Carnegie Hall hosts exhibits that feature the work of Black West Virginian artists

“What I can’t put into words, I put it on canvas.” ~ Doris Fields

By Haadiza Ogwude

Carnegie Hall in Lewisburg, WV is hosting three exhibits that feature the work of Black West Virginian artists from Jan. 7 until Mar. 25. The exhibits are held in celebration of Black History and will display the work of Jamal Hoskins, Doris Fields, and Robby Moore.

“I thought that it was important to me to get more artists of color in… and let them be celebrated,” said Allan Sizemore, art director of Carnegie Hall.

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What’s NEW(s) ?


Ah, Senators Rucker, Azinger, Sypolt, Karnes, Maynard and Delegates Pritt, Smith, Tully, Longanacre, G. Ward, Maynor, Crouse, Clark, Horst, and Hanna, I think you must have been absent from significant portions of Civics in the Eighth grade. Before you seek to pass (the proposed) Senate Bill 498 and House Bill 4011, perhaps a refresher in this subject is in the offing? As I was a Middle School Teacher, and then a Professor teaching Teachers for 21 years, please allow me to assist you in grasping some constructs that you have obviously failed to master.

This won’t hurt…much.

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Note: Read Senator Azingers most recent disturbing floor speech calling Black Lives Matter “Marxist” as documented by BBG contributor Kyle Vass’s .(There is video too ?)

Publishers Note

March 4, 2022

Moriah Davis and Crystal Good at Black Policy Day ? by Leesha Lee #blackjournalistmatter

First, some “Good Trouble” news!

My friends and accomplices walked out of court Wednesday with a fine, freedom & no probation for the MLK Day Protest.

Each protester needs to pay $175, so please reach out to AG if you want to offer a little fine funding.

Second, I’m tired. But, I know, aren’t we all? There is a whole war, a pandemic, Joe Manchin, and racism. 

The last BBG issue was an incredible effort, one that I am proud of and proud that it is officially and finally online. But BBG is not sustainable as we are functioning. (It costs $30 a month to host a PDF online! )

BBG receives generous donations from our readers and supporters, but it is not enough to keep us going.

I’m worried.

BBG is in that classic West Virginia curse of working hard to work harder. I know that being West Virginia resourceful is often a double-edged sword. You get a job done with what you’ve got, and maybe you’re making it look too easy. People think you don’t need help.

But we do need help!

I recently heard that I was on a teaching fellowship to build BBG and thought about how nice that would be if that were TRUE. But unfortunately, the truth is I have loans supporting BBG, and I have three cavities (my first ever), and I will put off my dental care to print another paper.

No toothless hillbilly jokes, please.

I’ve taken on many projects to keep the internet service on, and I’m getting stretched thin and probably dropping balls. So if I owe you an email, please reach out

But! With all the underdog cheerleader in me, I know that a big funder who will help us hire a grant writer to leverage the MILLIONS of dollars out there for BIPOC media makers is out there.

Do you know who can help us? 

I KNOW, too, that even more, generous in-kind support from our readers for editing, writing, distribution, graphic design, and helping is just a click away.

We recently raised $500 to join the WV Press Association. This shows just how amazing the BBG community is. I know we can raise the$2000 for our next print scheduled for April!


A closed mouth don’t get fed!

We appreciate everyone’s contribution to our potluck of Black centered media making in West Virginia!

~ Crystal Good

Founder/Publisher of Black By God THE WEST VIRGINIAN.

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