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Shout out and thanks to Black by God’s excellent volunteer distribution team.Through them, the print edition of Black by God l The West Virginian was distributed to Juneteenth gatherings and other locations throughout the state.

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Three things

The Ferguson Hotel, which opened in 1922, took up an entire city block bounded by Washington, Sentz, Lewis, and Broad (now Leon Sullivan Way) streets. It cost some $200,000 to build, included 72 rooms, and quickly attracted other black businesses to the area.

“Cap” Ferguson: A Black Trailblazer Meet the army officer, educator and Charleston, W.Va.entrepreneur and civic leader.

Cap explained his approach to business in a 1922 newspaper article, "You see, everything is interlocking. Whenever there is a dance here, the dancers step right through this door to the moving picture show or to the poolroom. A man comes to play pool, gets hungry and goes to the cafe. If he needs a shave, he goes to the barber shop."

Read the story by Maria Sisco and Stan Bumgardner, Goldenseal editor

The United States Is Under Attack

The United States is under attack. We take casualties by the dozens daily, by the hundreds weekly, and all told the attackers have put hundreds of thousands of our fellow citizens in the ground. We have lost more of our fellow Americans in the past two years than we lost in combat over 245 years.

Our little children have been massacred at their desks time and time again, but it is understood that nothing will be done to stop that horror. Weapons of disinformation, causing mass death, have been used against us with devastating effect, but we allow it to continue, and even amplify it. Our states are beleaguered, their citizens’ ability to choose their own leadership destroyed, or threatened .

Read Chris Regan’s story on

Staysha Quentrill is becoming a certified nurse midwife in West Virginia to support expecting Black mothers.

Black doulas and midwives offer expertise and protection for Black expecting mothers

When I was giving birth to my second child in 1999, I had a Black doula by my side, Pia Long.

Before I met her, I didn’t know what a doula was; much less that as a Black woman, her presence could increase my odds of having a successful birth.

I just thought to have a baby, you go to a hospital. But Long told me there was another way. She told me the history of Black doulas and the traditional folk medicines practiced by Black women for years.

At the time, Long was the only Black doula in West Virginia. Since then, like so many of my West Virginia friends, she and her family left. 

When you’re the only Black anything in West Virginia, you carry a weight: “If I leave, who is going to take up this work?”

This story, by Crystal Good and Kyle Vass is from WHYY’s  The Pulse, a weekly health and science podcast.

Crystal’s Commentary

I take no pleasure in  "I told you so." 

I warned, as many did, that Judge  Amy Coney Barrett would vote to overturn Roe v Wade, and she did. 

My historical testimony to the US Judiciary Committee is here, but it doesn’t matter today.  

What matters today is that as sane West Virginians, WE get loud! 

Please donate to Holler Health Justice and the Womens’ Health Center. 

Please show up for the Special Session. Gov. Justice is sure to call one to make draconian anti-healthcare laws. 

Please share your abortion story, reported pieces, and opinion with us. 

And, please continue to support Black By God as a resource for these important times. 

~ Crystal Good, Founder Publisher Black By God, THE WEST VIRGINIAN 

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