For The Love of West Virginia ♥️

Hope & History BBG Print ? Drops On Historic Black Policy Day

For The Love of West Virginia ♥️

Hope & History BBG Print ? Drops On Historic Black Policy Day

Photo By Mavery Davis
BBG’s Special Black History & Legislative print needs your help to make its way across West Virginia!
If you would like a physical copy or can help distribute please sign up HERE.
This special issue dropped during the inaugural and historic Black Policy Day of Action at the WV Capitol in Charleston.
Look what we learned!
Black Policy Day Worked w/ Ink Factor for Visual Note Taking


Black Policy Day Of Action? Leeshia Lee

If you would like to read the copy by PDF sign up HERE.

News To Know

(and some you wish you didn’t)

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Delegate Walker Targeted with KKK Graphic


“I’m here, and I’ve heard every story and I am appalled when someone gets up before you to say white privilege does not exist,” said Yvonne Lee, a mother and social worker.

Homerun History West Virginia History Maker Toni Stone Google Doodle

Dear Readers,

I feel overwhelmed with gratitude, possibility, and responsibility.

This tweet from my son is beyond encouraging! It is a reminder that our children are always watching.

What is important to me at this moment is not the reminder to donate to BBG ( but we need your support) or the urgency to point out the tragic policies that are moving in the WV legislature (you can read BBG for these details) or to encourage you to support Pastor Watts and the Tuesday Morning Groups sensible plan to mitigate the effects of COVID in vulnerable communities by asking you read the Gazette article by Jo Severino (who is also a BBG contributor w/The Shrinking Press Corps Can Shape a Session) as I invite you not to look away from these graphics.

I say THANK YOU to all those that are reading this on lover’s day.


So many hands are in BBG’s new print issue, and many hands helped support Black Policy Day.

We connected.

And, that’s the best Valentine. Connection with others that makes you feel seen, heard, and appreciated.

My big heartfelt, chocolate-covered, with plants (not flowers or empty vases), thank you goes out to Katonya Hart and Shanequa Smith. We have been community organizing together for decades, and we see the fruits of our labor.

Shanequa said, after a long two days of Black Policy events with months of planning, We had that baby!”

And we did!

We had that baby natural, with a doula and community midwives, and like so many Black women before us, we too will feed this new energy of West Virginia life with our bodies,minds, and spirits.

Happy Valentines Day!

~ Crystal Good

Founder/Publisher Black By God

[email protected]

Dr. Shanequa Smith, Crystal Good and Katonya Hart
Dr. Shanequa Smith, Katonyta Hart & Crystal Good #blackpolicydaywv

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