On The Block, Capito Critic and Young Women “Match Harassment” at Abortion Clinic with Motivational Messages


On The Block, Capito Critic and Young Women “Match Harassment” at Abortion Clinic with Motivational Messages

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On The Block, Capito Critic and Young Women “Match Harassment” at Abortion Clinic

Tuesday, Nov. 2, 2021 | Written by Leeshia Lee, Malik Smith and Crystal Good.

BBG supports small-town USA by backing the LJSA ?

By Tony Baranowski, Publisher, Times-Citizen Communications (Iowa Falls, Iowa), Crystal Good, Founder and Publisher, Black By God The West Virginian, Miles Layton, longtime rural community journalist, Don Smith, Executive Director, West Virginia Press Association, Jim Iovino, Director, WVU NewStart program and Visiting Assistant Professor of Media Innovation

Stakeholders in journalism, news, and the general welfare of a fact-based democracy have been beside themselves in recent weeks as a little-known bill that they hoped would slip its way into the broader Build Back Better plan was treated as little more than an expendable remnant. 

In the interest of price chopping and compromise, the Local Journalism Sustainability Act has at various times been slashed, trimmed, or cut entirely in the deal-making process, seemingly with little consideration for what it could actually accomplish, or what’s at stake if it’s lost.

The common and simplified perception is it would be a life preserver offered to struggling newspapers across the country. Followers may have also read high-minded arguments that those very newspapers are necessary to preserve democracy as we know it in the United States of America.

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WVU NewStart program and Visiting Assistant Professor of Media Innovation


Huntington, West Virginia Nov. 6, 2021

Photo by Leeshia Lee


Black By God is excited to share the talent and creative eye of Charleston-based photographer, playwright, journalist and entrepreneur Leeshia Lee. ?You can follow her on your favorite social media platform at @leeshialee and @a_shot_of_lee.

BBG Exclusive Stories

Young Women “Match Harassment” at Abortion Clinic with Motivational Messages | Leeshia Lee | November 8, 2021

Charleston, WV – The Women’s Health Center of West Virginia has seen its fair share of heated exchanges. The little building has been the center of some very large confrontations including one that made it all the way to Charleston City Council. The corner of Greendale Avenue on the city’s West Side has become a battleground for those who oppose a woman’s right to choose…..


OPINION | Malik Smith | Nov. 8, 2021

Sen. Capito’s Lack of Support for the Freedom to Vote Act & Spread of Misinformation to West Virginian Constituents

Huntington, WV – As a canvasser/organizer for Un-PAC, I have witnessed several staffers from Sen. Capito’s office discourage and disregard constituents’ calls regarding support for the Freedom to Vote Act (comprise bill of the For The People’s Act). Both bills have been widely supported by the people of West Virginia; approximately 79% of West Virginias, yet Sen. Capito’s continues to oppose the Freedom to Vote Act…


NEWS TO KNOW (& Some You Wish You Didn’t)

Curated by Crystal Good

CONGRATULATIONS MAYA HELM on beingnamed finalist for British Marshall Scholarship!


Currently a double major in political science and international studies with a minor in Arabic studies, Helm plans to continue her academic journey at Cardiff University with a two-year research Master of Philosophy in history with a focus on the Welsh history of Black working class coal miners.

“There are a lot of similarities between the history of West Virginia and Wales, both major coal producers and exporters in the 20th century,” Helm said. “With the Marshall Scholarship, I’m excited for the opportunity to study the impact of industrialization and the history of Black working class coal miners in Cardiff the same way I have in West Virginia.

Maya is one of our favorite scholars, fashionistas and reps BBG with integrity.

Support her and please read some of her work HERE.

Morgan County! How can #ARPA fundingpotentially be allocated in your county?

The Herbert Henderson Office of Minority Affairs (HHOMA) invites local leaders and community members to attend a NOV 9, 2021 meeting to discuss areas of need that could potentially be addressed through the $1.6 billion allocation of ARPA funding in West Virginia.



The American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) is an opportunity for West Virginia to put the wellbeing of communities first.

Our communities need help and nonprofits have been the bedrock of connecting with and uplifting West Virginia Communities, especially during times of crisis and recovery.


Emergency Motion Filed in Federal Court over W.Va. Corrections’ “Lack of Basic Compliance” with CDC Protocols from our friends at Dragline

A report from a doctor who has inspected 30 facilities across the country expressed “urgent concern” over what he called “the most dangerous approach to medical isolation I have encountered since the outset of the pandemic.” 


Poor And Low-income West Virginians Took Their Questions About Build Back Better To A Renowned Economist Dr. Sachs 

The Poor Peoples Campaign Hosted the event in Charleston, WV

Deedra Keys-Switzer, a local college level instructor, talked about the importance of higher education.

“We hear constantly that the increasing financial burden of school is challenging to students and their families,” she said. “There are students being pushed out financially and in other ways. We lost so much when we decided not to expand the two free years of college.”



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Virtual, WV – WV Women’s Commission Economic Empowerment Committee Meeting, November 9, 2021 6 PM to 7 PM.   Join Zoom Meeting 

Charleston, WV –  The Time is Now Rally, Candlelight Vigil and Light Brigade event, November 10, 2021 6:30 PM.  WV State Capitol Building, Kanawha River Side Steps, 

Virtual, WV –  WV CROWN coalition meeting, every Friday at PM  Join Zoom Meeting 

Virtual, WV – WV National Organization for Women annual (virtual) State Meeting on Saturday, November 13, 2021 10 AM to 4 PM Join Zoom Meeting 


Please be patient with me. I’m moving, again. I’m currently in Arizona making newsletters and newspapers by charging my laptop with a power inverter in a Penske Truck.

Speaking of charge. I just charged my Crystal aka me in Sedona(Thanks Erika and Garin for the hospitality) during a pit stop on the way back to West Virginia.

They say Sedona has a vortex but let me tell you the gravitational pull to West Virginia is powerful. ?One of our readers, Chris Johnigan, shared this thought after reading Malik Smith’s piece:

“I was a canvaser in West Virginia for the 2015-16 gubernatorial election cycle. As a Black man I can tell you what I witnessed regarding race relations in West Virginia is just as terrifying as all the voter suppression dressed up as “election integrity.

Chris knows it’s bad – yes- but he like many readers who live else where keep up with West Virginia because this place we call home touches the hearts of so many.People do care.How do I know? DONATIONS!?

~ Crystal

Keep Good,

~ Crystal | (304) 207-0352‬

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