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BLACK BY GOD | The West Virginian is a community-based newsroom centering Black voices from the Mountain State.

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We are carrying on a legacy

BBG is an emerging news and storytelling organization centering Black voices from the Mountain State.

We provide a more nuanced portrayal of the Black experience in the Appalachian region in the tradition of the Black Press.

Black newspapers have been in West Virginia since 1885, and we ain’t going anywhere.

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Who is behind BBG?

CRYSTAL GOOD @cgoodwoman

Crystal Good, she/her/hers, is a Libra stellium who is hard to put in just one box.

Her preferred titles include artist, advocate, and entrepreneur.

As a poet and performer Crystal has been received by audiences across the globe.

As an entrepreneur, she walks in the June Jordan quote, “Like a lot of Black women, I have had to invent the power my freedom requires.

BBG is part of that freedom required.

What our readers say about us ????

Recently given a copy of the Juneteenth edition, and you need to see the work.  It gives me hope.

I just subscribed to Black By God THE WEST VIRGINIAN

Love love love this truth telling, history making, justice telling, Fact spilling, Tea dropping paper Black By God get you one, if you don’t you will be sad you missed out.

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