Delegate Walker: Black Policy Is Not Taboo

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“Black Policy Is Not Taboo” Dear Mountaineers,

I am Delegate Danielle Walker, the only Black woman serving in both West Virginia state houses. I am a House of Delegate member currently representing District 51, Monongalia County. Being the only Black woman currently allows me to stand on many shoulders of the giants who served before me, such as former Delegate and Mayor of Morgantown, Charlene Marshall, former Delegate Meesha Poore, and many others. It is a dire need and reflection that the policies I introduce, vet, and vote for are inclusive to communities of color and minorities.

The process starts with an idea from a constituent or a group seeing a need or obstacle in our state. The idea is sent to the bill, drafting to craft the legislation. The bill’s sponsor may lean on fellow colleagues to sign on to the bill. After all signatures are gathered, the legislation is given a bill number and sent to a committee. This is the time for lobbying of the bill in order to have it placed on the committee’s agenda. It takes calls, emails, opinion editorials, and physically coming to the Capitol to speak to your representatives to support the legislation. At times, the same efforts are needed to oppose potentially hurtful legislation.

I have attempted to educate my constituents about what I can and can’t do throughout the years. Many issues are federal or local issues; it’s a task to attempt to keep up with all the legislation that will impact the Black communities, rural communities, and/or minority communities. Black policy is not taboo: we know what we need to be able to thrive in our communities and what affects each of us. The time is now to be educated, be vocal, and be present.

Please follow the following:

HB2061: Katherine Johnson College Award Program;

HB2062: Creating Small Business and Minority Population Economic and Workforce; Development TaskForce;

HB2066: Providing School Days for Registering Eligible Students to Vote and Transportation of Registered Students to Appropriate Voting Places;

HB2194: Establishing the Minority Health Advisory Team;

HB2208: Exempting Social Security Benefits from Personal Income Tax;

HB3141: Designating February 3rd as Freedom Day;

HB 2698: C.R.O.W.N Act;

HB3123: Family Leave Program;

HB 3176: Requiring Sharp Containers in State Buildings;

HB 4015: Establishing West Virginia Religious Freedom Restoration Act;

HB 2022: Establishing West Virginia Intrastate Commerce Improvement Act;

HB 4382: Preserving a Patient’s Right to Abortion;

HB 4004: Limiting abortion to 15 weeks.

Resources: You can search for these bills and more information:

Watch for BBG’s Legislative Print dropping Feb. 11th. If you would like a copy mailed to you please send us your address.

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