West Virginia’s 2022 Black Legislative Agenda

Folk Reporters And Survey Input Needed

Stonewall Jackson on the West Virginia Capitol Grounds

Read About The West Virginia Monument and Memorial Protection Act of 2021

Dear BBG Readers,

Black By God is planning a special 2022 legislative edition centering on Black issues and policymakers. We need volunteers for our Folk Reporters citizen journalist program, and I’m writing to invite you to participate in West Virginia’s 2022 Black Legislative Agenda survey.

The 2022 West Virginia Black Legislative Agenda will provide a platform for what we cover at the legislature. We are seeking your input on the policies that impact the lives of Black people in West Virginia. 2022 West Virginia Black Policy Survey

Last year, we received 12 responses. We hope to double those results and receive at least 24 survey responses this year. The responses of this survey will be used as tools for increasing civic engagement throughout the legislative session.

Last year we started the process of asking people about policy and aggregating the issues Black leaders and allies shared with us. We found huge disconnects, often in things as simple and complex as language.

Do you call it policy or laws? The difference in language can engage a person in the conversation or excuse them. The bottom line, we all need to learn more about the language of policy and we can do it together. Please take a look back at the 2021 Black Policy Agenda process with Folk Reporter Kate Jordan.

Again, here is the link to the 2022 WV Black Legislative Agenda survey.

Thanks for reading.

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