Thar Is Black People Gold In Them Thar Hills!

“Until we develop and control industry, we will be underdeveloped and controlled.”

~ Keith Anderson, Founder of

Keith Anderson, a Black activist and West Virginia native, believes the only way the Black populace can gain true freedom and high esteem is to control its own means of production and then use those financial and physical resources to plot its own course of existence. The Black world could then go on to build a new world for all people far superior to the cold, corrupt, imbalanced one he so despises today. As a vehicle to this goal he has created:


The BLACQUITY name (Bla-kwi-tee) is the words “BLACK” and “EQUITY” with the “KE” thrown out and is derived from: “EBON (Black) people working together to build an EQUITABLE society based on EVOLVED principles”–slogan: “Ebon, Equity, Evolution.”

BLACQUITY is a new, currently informal, organization that is strictly for the Global Black Populace dedicated to helping to industrialize the Black World. It has images (“GEAR” link) for members to use BLAQUITY logos free of charge personally and/or commercially. Members may sell T-Shirts, hoodies, caps, etc. and keep the profits.

BLAQUITY members have the option of donating profits for Black industrial development. The drop-ship print-on-demand platform is also available as a fundraising resource for Black charities and causes. Members have the ability to make money for themselves and/or their causes.

BLAQUITY membership is simple visit the “MEMBERSHIP” link. After membership is approved members will receive a “Personal Page” and a Member # that gives customers access to the ‘BLACQUITY PRODUCT LINE. Members may also request BLACQUITY stock images and employ their own printing/marketing means. BLACQUITY membership is for Black people and is free for life for those accepted.. Proof of ethnicity is required for those not invited by BLACQUITY and/or not recruited by its members.

BLACQUITY’s main goal is to establish a global Black-owned printing firm that can handle all printing capabilities so that our people can produce any type of printable goods we want as well as service the needs of other peoples.

BLACQUITY founder Keith Anderson also publishes a pamphlet featuring important news and info affecting the global Black populace. Anderson is seeking Black investors to formally establish the organization and develop the platform to its fullest potential.


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