Happy Birthday DJ Woody Woods

On His Journey to West Virginia and Inspiring Others to Chase Their Dreams

Woody Woods, y’all! Woody Woods just hosted an epic “Aries Season” birthday party April 8 at the Red Carpet in Charleston, complete with the legendary Kid Capri on the turntables, politicians, and community members coming together to celebrate. In a place where Black life is often overlooked, Woody Woods is a shining example of how one man can bring joy, laughter, and history to an Appalachian community making history and putting Chuck City on the hip-hop map. A professional DJ, entrepreneur, and radio personality, Woody made waves on 98.7 The Beat in Charleston, West Virginia. As a proud member of the CORE DJ’s, one of the biggest DJ organizations in the United States, Woody is out here living his best life and encouraging others to do the same. And let’s not forget, he got moves, too – he won the 2013 West Virginia edition of Dancing with the Stars. There is an old proverb — never trust a DJ that can’t dance — and Woody is a DJ’s DJ.

Woody started as a 16-year-old ambitious radio personality in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, but he faced challenges that led him to look for opportunities in new places. He sent out demo tapes to various radio stations, and before long, he landed a gig at the Charleston station, 98.7, kickin’ off his journey in West Virginia.

Learn more and be encouraged by Woody’s story on the Nik Scott Effect PodCast. https://youtu.be/vSp8lCfN1l0

When he first arrived in Charleston, Woody had to hustle to make ends meet. He started DJing at local parties and events, which not only put some money in his pocket but also helped him connect with the community. Woody’s got that natural ability to vibe with people and understand their needs, and it didn’t take long for him to become a well-known figure in the local scene.

Woody saw the potential in West Virginia and decided to step up and make a difference. He created a platform to support and promote local talent, especially within the growing hip-hop community, through his radio show and presence at local events. This dedication helped to shape the local hip-hop scene, giving young artists a chance to shine.

READ about the history of WV Hip Hop in “A hip-hop state of union” By Crystal Good from Graffiti Nov 24, 2008

But Woody’s impact doesn’t stop there. He’s also deeply involved in his community, mentoring at-risk youth and serving as an honorary coach for various high school teams. He organizes the “98.7 The Beat Backpack Attack,” which helps hundreds of children by providing them with backpacks stuffed with school supplies. As a loving father of five and life partner to Vaneta K. Neal, Woody has also become an active advocate for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, encouraging others to help children with cancer.

As a nationally acclaimed DJ and cherished figure in West Virginia, Woody Woods utilizes his radio presence to inspire and unite the community. His unwavering commitment to his listeners and his ability to forge connections exemplify the profound influence a single voice can have. In a world rife with division, Woody Woods emerges as a beacon of hope, unity, and radio’s power to unite people. Embodying the fiery spirit and leadership of a true Aries, Woody’s passion and resolve make him an inspiring force.

Happy Birthday, DJ Woody Woods!

Photo By Vincent Shelton

Scene of the crowd at the Red Carpet in Charleston April 8, 2023 for Woody Woods’ “Aries Season” birthday party.

Photos by Leeshia Lee:

Charleston City Council Larry Moore honors Kid Capri with a proclamation from the city celebrating 50 years of Hip Hop.

The crowd sang in unison all night long as hip hop provided the soundtrack for the evening.

Delegate Danielle Walker salutes Kid Capri for his work in cultivating the culture of Hip Hop.

Delegate Sean Hornbuckle enjoys the show as he watches from the back of the stage.

City of Charleston Director Of Parks and Recreation Rashaun Poore strikes a pose with Edward Frederick.

Erica Bailey watches Kid Capri as he shows off his impeccable DJ skills mixing and scratching some of hip hop’s classic songs.

Yvonne Sherii Lee-Long, owner of Cam’s Creation, poses with Boogz Bunny as they admire her work with the beautiful decorations for the event. She, along with daughter Kenna, created a classy and elegant vibe for the evening.

Freda Dawson Harmon enjoys the sounds of the evening.

Kid Capri put a show on for the city of Charleston, the high energy set took the crowd from the old school to the new school.

Shelayne le-Carter and Leah Messer make memories in the crowd.

Charleston Lawyer Bernie Layne couldn’t resist getting his groove on to some of the 90’s best hip hop hits.

The man of the hour Woody Woods had to pop his collar one time in his tailored suit from Anthony Paranzino.

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