West Virginia Native Madison McGhee to World: “Help Me Solve My Dad’s Murder” — Daughter’s Podcast “Ice Cold Case” Tackles 2002 Unsolved Crime

In the realm of true crime, Madison McGhee’s voice echoes the chilling, yet deeply personal tale of her father’s unsolved murder. Born and raised in Charleston, West Virginia, Madison introduces “Ice Cold Case,” a true crime podcast that premiered on May 17th, 2023.

This captivating series unveils the layers of mystery surrounding the murder of John Cornelius McGhee, Madison’s father, in Belmont County, Ohio. A story that has loomed large over her life, occurring just across the river from her home state, 21 years after the heartbreaking event.

Madison shares, “Growing up in West Virginia, especially as a biracial little girl, it’s easy to believe that you’re either stuck in West Virginia or that if you get out you’re not proud of West Virginia. When I started to believe in myself, I started to believe that my contribution to the state was to be the best representation I could — wherever I ended up.”

Indeed, Madison’s roots run deep. “As a kid, West Virginia provided the perfect small town setting for me to dream. Now she serves as the perfect escape from my dreams. And I’ll always be grateful to call West Virginia home,” she fondly recalls.

Embarking on a journey in the entertainment industry, Madison has dreams larger than her hometown, stating, “I’m so fortunate to be putting my stake in the entertainment industry and I hope to join the ranks of some of the best in the industry that were also born and bred in West Virginia.”

Yet, “Ice Cold Case” is more than just a podcast; it’s a testament to Madison’s resilience. “As challenging as this process has been emotionally and mentally, I’ve found West Virginia folks to be the most supportive of my quest for justice and answers. This journey isn’t just for me, it’s for everyone who looks like me and comes from the same background as me.”

John Cornelius McGhee’s murder on July 11, 2002, left a lasting impact. Madison was shielded from the gruesome details until a chance encounter led her to the cold case, prompting a personal quest for truth.

Listeners are invited to delve deep with Madison, from sifting through public records to face-to-face interviews with family and police, she leaves no stone unturned. The season wraps with a poignant focus on the larger issue of BIPOC murder victims in America and the evident disparities in resources.

Characterized as DARK, INTRIGUING, and PERSONAL, Madison’s “Ice Cold Case” offers true crime aficionados a distinctive listening experience. With Madison’s biracial West Virginian upbringing, her tale is accentuated with a unique perspective. This is further enriched by her production and storytelling expertise, evident from her works with the Food Network, Hulu, and Paramount+.

Her role is dual: a daughter seeking justice and an investigator challenging the system. “Ice Cold Case” is a stark reminder of the overlooked cases of Black victims, especially when juxtaposed with high-profile ones. The podcast, featuring bi-weekly episodes ranging from 25 to 35 minutes, is easily accessible to diverse listeners.

For further insights, tune in to “Ice Cold Case,” available wherever you get your podcasts.

For media-related interests, reach out to icecoldcasepodcast@gmail.com.

About “Ice Cold Case“: Madison McGhee’s “Ice Cold Case” is a transformative true crime journey, centered on the unsolved murder of her father, John Cornelius McGhee. Intertwining personal narratives with a dedication to justice, it provides a fresh lens to the genre, spotlighting the often-overlooked tales of BIPOC victims.

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