At present we have only one saving grace and his name is Lacy Watson.

OPINION By Donna Willis

Recently I had an opportunity to meet and spend time with Lacy Watson, a candidate for District 1’s House seat in Congress.

His platform is drool worthy. He voiced real concern for this State and its constituents present and future.

That surprised me. I can’t even remember much less name a candidate or elected member to Congress from West Virginia whose voice and heart spoke as one.

We need more candidates and ultimately elected representation who are willing to put West Virginia and its people FIRST.

Following the leader is an old practice that has brought nothing lasting too this State other than roadways praising past leaders.

Watson is working with thinkers who have a grasp on what it will take to recreate a prosperous and stable West Virginia.

As a member of the Baby Boomer brigade I don’t have the option to dwell on the past.

I have to be socially aware of the problems my generation’s declining numbers are having on America today and what effect it will have on tomorrow.

The youth of today can’t age or morph into the working class numbers this Nation needs today.

Those who can aren’t available.

Watson and his ilk aren’t afraid to go to where they are to learn from them what is needed to facilitate their willing participation, and in turn research what training the business arena will require of any potential new hires.

Millions of voters have unknowingly caused much of America’s problems. They want change but not if it directly affects their wants.

Effective change will never come to fruition if we the people are bucking what’s required at every turn.

To willing to accept half measures as a remedy is going to facilitate the same five years down the road.

And no amount of crying and snapping at non lawmakers is ever going to change halves into wholes.

West Virginia’s present legislative representation is clueless as to how to make a jewel shine without a buffer.

Watson and his like thinkers are intellectually savvy and realize that looking down the barrel of a gun with a finger on its trigger is as dangerous as promising and not delivering legislation that will end such dangerous practices.

Change is necessary for positive growth. No one wants to eat the same meal over and over again.

If we believe in “America First” we better be ready to change our arrogant and selfish ways in order to give the US a clear path to First.

I trust Lacy to be among those leader’s intent on keeping that path clear.

He wants to see American’s back to work. All Americans, including but not limited, to farmers and cattlemen.

American made isn’t a label slapped on Canadian meat. It’s American raised beef branded with USA on its frozen flanks.

Consumers have for far too many years dressed to impress in foreign made rags courtesy of Big Profit Making Business – it’s time they start dressing the World in the best – “American Made”.

West Virginia has never made any worthy impact on this Country and it’s our time to glow.

At present we have only one saving grace and his name is Lacy Watson.

Voters must choose and choose right. Time waits for no-one nor are we promised tomorrow.

West Virginia has an opportunity to finally SHINE behind a leader who is willing to put West Virginia, as well as, America FIRST.

We’ve lived dull. Do you really want your children to experience the same? If not, send a message to District 1 voters.

Tell them we have their back if their choice is Watson on Election Day. A trend we should all desire for ourselves.

Donna Willis is a West Virginia native living in Dunbar, West Virginia.

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