The Black Political Voice In West Virginia – Got Something To Say!

West Virginia has the microphone. Use it!

West Virginia is in the news!

Or rather, Joe Manchin is in the news. Nothing newsworthy about ole Joe to “real” West Virginians – except that the news is about our Senators intention to impede VOTERS RIGHTS #forthepeopleact

If you’ve been watching/reading the news, then you know that Black people in West Virginia GOT SOMETHING TO SAY!

On Juneteenth, Black By God will drop our inaugural print publication for Charleston. We hope you offer an exclusive print for Huntington, Morgantown, Bluefield, and every Black community in West Virginia that‘s got something to say.

Our first print edition is FREE and will be available in Charleston and at select locations state-wide. ( pssssst. we need volunteer to revieve and distribute papers )

If you would like a mailed copy, please send $5.00 for postage and include your address in your Venmo payment: @BlackbyGod

Please celebrate Black journalist by reading and sharing their work and sending us your opinions: [email protected]

Here is a quick recap of the national news stories that featured Black By God West Virginians t his week:

Joe Manchin’s Fixation On Republican Validation Ignores Black West Virginians

The Democratic Senator from West Virginia penned an op-ed opposing Democracy reform legislation, citing a lack of bipartisan support despite evidence of Republican coordination to pass voter suppression laws. ~ By Anoa Changa

47 years late, WV Democrats’ Affirmative Action Plan excludes minority perspectives

“We don’t have any voice in this. I don’t even know why y’all have this caucus,” said Mary Ann Claytor

– From The West Virginia Holler, Douglas Hardman

West Virginia’s Democratic drama goes beyond Joe Manchin.

Fissures within the state’s Democratic Party are breaking to the surface in Charleston even as Manchin, the state’s most powerful Democrat, faces his own political storm in Washington, D.C. And while the issues aren’t related, there are parallels because both touch on race and diversity.” ~ By Hanna Trudo


Join the West Virginia Poor People’s Campaign as we host a Moral Monday, March on Manchin at 5 pm in Charleston, WV, o n June 14th. All West Virginians are invited for a socially distanced, outdoor rally and march from the hood to the hollers!

(Location of rally and march will be announced on Thursday, June 10th.)

The Blackest Bus In America Is Coming To West Virginia!

“Can’t Stop – Won’t Stop.” is the mantra of #BlackVotersMatter across America.

And. In West Virginia, we know that people don’t always stop or show up for us.

But, Black Voters Matters and Rev. Barber and The Poor Peoples Campaign are coming! They are stopping for us – and s howing up with the tools to help build community infrastructure West Virginia desperately needs – in part — is for our people to be SEEN.

The next two weeks are a chance to be SEEN.

West Virginia has the microphone.

Use it!

Tweet, Call, Text, Video, Podcast, Meme, Dance, Create – and Dream! #forthepeopleact

Thank you, readers, supports, and contributors for seeing the vision and need for a platform like Black By God THE WEST VIRGINIAN.

~ Crystal Good, Founder/Publisher

PS If you would like a delivery bag – they are available on

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