2023 Black Policy Day recap (& Fashion Buzz)

The BBG Fashionista asked people she met what the day meant to them — and what they were wearing

Hello WV! During Black History Month, I got to go to the 2023 West Virginia Black Policy Day at the state Capitol.

As a 10 year old, I’m glad I got the chance to talk with so many people that helped me understand what this day was all about. I asked everyone that I talked to what issues they were most interested in.  Issues like the Crown Act and healthcare were very important. Del. Sean Hornbuckle was most interested in education and school topics. NAACP State President Darryl Clausell told me he was most interested in the Anti Racism Bill of 2023. 

I also asked everyone what Black Policy Day means to them? 

BBG Kids Fashionista Jayli, center, attended 2023 West Virginia Black Policy Day at the state Capitol.

“It’s a time to come together and see what’s going on and how we can be better as people of color in West Virginia.” said Pastor Shannon Robinson with the Partnership of African American Churches. 

“It means that we can come together and start supporting some policies and learning about them.” said Dural Miller, with Keep Your Faith Corporation. 

“It’s a great networking experience also a way to share our common goals and our voices so we can see the change that we want to see in our state.” said Octavia Cordon, with the Aspire Achievement Project. 

As some of you may know, I’m the BBG fashionista, so I had to ask some people what they were wearing. 

People were very stylish and were wearing everything from shirts with their own organizations on it, to Fashion Nova and even dress suits. Event organizer Katonya Hart with the Call to Action for Racial Equality said she likes to wear dresses that have design, especially those with bright colors and Afro centric patterns. 

After interviewing a delegate, a pastor, lots of community members and event organizers I learned this was definitely a day to celebrate Black West Virginians who help shape our state. It was pretty clear that the organizers wanted to make everyone, including us kids, feel like our voice matters at the state Capitol. Even though Black History Month and Black Policy Day are over, we will continue to celebrate our history and culture in West Virginia as Juneteenth approaches. As always keep your head up and stay stylish WV!

Top 5 fashion trends for Summer 2023! 

  1. Sheer Layering — it’s the summer of see-through 

2. Short &Sweet Jackets for those cool summer nights. 

3. Double Denim outfits work for girls and guys too 

4. Summer Stripes are sure to sizzle!

5. Puffed Up Slides. Almost like those big red cartoon boots that celebrities were wearing to make a fashion statement earlier this year.

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