Fashion Buzz for Fall 2022!

Back to school trends with Jayli Phillips.

Hey West V! I am back dropping the Fashion Buzz for Fall 2022! It’s officially back to school for everyone and the right style means everything!

A top trend for boys this season is still Polo shirts but paired with crispy sneakers and fresh jeans.

For girls, rocking long sleeved tops with jean shorts and Nike Air Forces 1s are totally stylish.

Other styles that are in style are oversized sweaters and bucket hats.

Top shoes for the season are blinged out Crocs, Nike Dunks, Air Jordan 7s and Air Max’s.

You can mix all these styles with the top colors for the season. Fall outfits should be olive, blue, yellow, brown and red.

Let’s not forget about our CROWN!

Hair is just as important as clothes and shoes. Some hair styles for girls to wear are Slick ponytails, braided buns and braids and beads. Some cool hairstyles for boys are wild, curly afros & box braids.

As the season & leaves change…don’t forget to stay stylish WV!



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