The Double OG’s Podcast Provides A New Voice For The People

From abortion to prison reform pod cast is building conversation from West Virginia to North Carolina!

The Double OG’s Podcast Provides A New Voice For The People

“We would have these in-depth conversations about whatever and we would be on the phone for hours. We were like yeah, we need to record this,” Double OGs Podcast Member Kavon Cutler said.

From there, The Double OGs Podcast was born. Best friends Dri Nazario and Cutler then recruited their other friends JCarter and Shaq Smith to provide more perspective to their conversations.

“Where Shaq is real chill, I’m not. Where Dri is chill, JCarter is not that chill,” Kavon explained, “So it’s a great balance we have on the podcast,” Cutler explained, “We just try to form conversations that are relevant to the culture and relevant to society and hoping people walk away feeling informed and feeling like they can relate.”

While Nazario is from the Charleston area, her co-hosts are from North Carolina. Nazario has lived in N.C. since 2011, as both Nazario and Cutler attended North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. Nazario has a psychology background and usually asks the more in-depth questions on the podcast.

“Imma get into the feels, the emotions, kinda get beneath the surface to make you think and dig a little bit deeper,” Nazario said.

To add as much perspective as possible, Cutler said he takes his own approach to topics on the show.

“Me, personally, I’m a nice guy but on our podcast, I make sure I speak for the ones in the back, the ‘savages’ so to speak, who might have more raw, uncut opinions,” Cutler said.

Every other week, or as Cutler said, “bi-weekly like a paycheck”, The Double OGs explore a wide range of topics such as mental health, current events, and relationships. In an episode titled ‘You Say I’m Just A Friend’, The Double OGs explore the concept of platonic interactions.

Cutler said the next topic for The Double OGs is prison reform, as Nazario’s brother is currently incarcerated and Smith’s mother was previously incarcerated.

“People don’t realize that a lot of people have parents or siblings or other family members that they love that are incarcerated and that can have so many negative effects on the family,” Cutler said, “We can joke, play and have fun but we can address the serious topics as well.”

While The Double OG’s hope to offer different viewpoints and keep their listeners informed, the crew also wants to create a safe space for people to connect with their authentic selves.

“I’m sure it’s tough for folks that gotta fake it every day, get on the socials and act like you got this and that or act like you’re super turnt or hard,” Cutler said, “People be faking on the socials all the time, all day, everyday. I think one of my biggest compliments that we get is how much we inspire people to be themselves. We want to inspire people to be true to themselves and to also have fun being who they are.”

Nazario said the podcast also serves as an escape for the crew, allowing them to forget the daily hustle and bustle and just talk amongst friends.

“We get to kick it with our best friends for an hour or so a week,” Nazario said, “It’s like therapy for us. We’re down to earth, real life individuals and we’re making it. To me, that’s cool.”

As the podcast expands, Nazario said the Double OGs will continue touching listeners and being a voice for the people.

“We want to make our people proud and make our states proud,” Nazario said.

Episodes of the Double OG’s Podcast are available on Spotify, Anchor, and Amazon Music.


The Double OGs: @DoubleOGs_Podcast

Dri Nazario: @Csndri_11

Kavon Cutler: @Csn_Cutta

JCarter: @JCartaa

Shaq Smith: @Shaq_Smith11

Listen to the Double OG’s We talkin bout Roe v. Wade in 2022” episode.

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