The Fashion Buzz

Kid model and actress from Charleston, WV dropping the jewels on the top fashion trends for Summer 2022!

“The Fashion Buzz” by Jayli!

Hi WV! I’m Jayli, a kid model and actress checking in from our capital city! I’m here to drop the jewels on the top fashion trends for Summer 2022 for girls and boys too!

It’s finally summer vacation!

Time for flip flops and shorts, and the top accessories for the summer are BOLD and BRIGHT colors! For example, the top 5 color trends for the season are hot pink, orange, neon greens, purple, and sky blue.

For girls, puffed sleeves, butterfly tops, and baby tees paired with mini skirts and low-rise jeans for summer 2022. Did you know that skinny jeans aren’t as popular as they were about a decade ago? Crazy, right? But, don’t worry leggings are still in style, and so are pleated skirts! And many people say that camo is one of the most fashionable prints out!

And last but not least, the hottest fashion trends for boys include tailored blazers, polo shirts, chino shorts, and everything striped and plaid.

Other cool styles for guys will be wearing a hoodie under blazers, bold cut-outs, airy silhouettes, and a relaxed style are just three of the buzzwords from this season’s trends.

Well that’s all I have for this season! Follow me on Instagram @JayliBayli for more fashion buzz! STAY IN STYLE!

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