Impressions of the Follow-up Presentation of the Feasibility of Repealing the Ban on Nuclear Power in West Virginia – Part 2

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Impressions On The Follow-up Presentation of the Feasibility of Repealing the Ban on Nuclear Power in West Virginia – Part 2

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On the evening of 18 January 2022, a one-hour meeting on the feasibility of repealing the nuclear power ban was facilitated by Ted Boettner, a senior researcher from the Ohio River Valley Institute. Ohio River Valley Institute is a data-driven research center whose mission is to support communities in the region to be more prosperous, sustainable, and equitable. The following key attendees presented a prepared presentation for the audience:

  • Jessica Lovering. The founder of Good Energy Collective, which is a policy research organization. Jessica obtained her Ph.D. in Astrophysics from University of Colorado Boulder and she is an advocate in promoting advanced nuclear power plants. Opportunities for Coal Communities Through Nuclear Energy: An Early Look ( More articles by Jessica Lovering here )
  • Jim Kotcon. He is an Associate Professor at West Virginia University. Jim obtained his PhD in Plant Pathology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and he is opposed to introducing advanced nuclear power plants in West Virginia.

Both Jessica and Jim gave very informative presentations on the proposed benefits and pitfalls of advanced nuclear power plants. Even though vast amounts of information were presented in support and opposition to constructing advanced nuclear plants in West Virginia, the general consensus from the rolling comments board was that more information would be needed to decide on constructing a nuclear plant in West Virginia ultimately. Congruent with this thought was the understanding that approving the construction of building an advanced nuclear power plant is not the next transition in the legislature; repealing the ban on nuclear power is. Without having the nuclear ban repealed, the discussion of possibly incorporating this type of power into West Virginia’s energy diversity can’t even be had.

It will be interesting to see how the possible repeal of this ban plays out in the West Virginia legislature because pride in coal energy is in the DNA of almost every West Virginian. A failure to repeal the ban on nuclear power plants, means that legislature is not even open to debating the idea of possibly introducing this type of power to West Virginia. Three West Virginian delegates attended the meeting and provided great insight as the session came to a close. The delegates that attended the meeting are as follows:

  • Kayla Young Democrat – Kanawha County, District 35
  • Brandon Steel. Republican – Raleigh County, District 29
  • Evan Hansen. Democrat – Monongalia County, District 51

VIDEO: Feasibility of Advanced Nuclear in West Virginia


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By Samuel Pierre Moss Husband – Father- Inventor – Physics Enthusiast. Read more about him on Fusion and Gravity.

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